Foote Street - upgraded Intersection

Foote Street re-opened at the Williamsons Road intersection on Sunday night 7 August 2022 after major construction which saw three months’ of work in six weeks. Major works upgraded the intersection with additional approach lanes and extended turn lanes.

To add the approach lanes and extend the turn lanes, crews;

The intersection upgrade will help prevent traffic queues building up on Williamsons Road and Foote Street.

Finishing works around the intersection will continue into early 2023 to complete asphalting, line-marking, signage installation and final utility works. Traffic management will be in place to keep workers and road users safe.

Works during the holiday season

Completions works on the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade will be paused for the holiday season on Friday 23 December and resume on Monday 9 January 2023, with intermittent lane closures as required into early 2023.

Some traffic management signage will be in place during the construction pause to continue to keep road users safe as they travel through the intersection. Follow signage through the area for guidance and speed limits.