Union Road Surrey Hills

The level crossings at Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert and Union Road, Surrey Hills have been fast-tracked for removal and will be completed 2 years earlier than originally planned.

Major construction is well underway, and the Union Road and Mont Albert Road level crossings will be gone for good in 2023.

These level crossings are 2 of Melbourne’s worst – the level crossing at Union Road was the site of a tragic incident in 2016 that resulted in 2 fatalities, and there have been at least 8 near misses at these crossings since 2005.

The boom gates at these sites can be down for up to 40% of the morning peak, when up to 61 trains run through the crossings.

The crossings will be removed by lowering the rail line into an open trench beneath the roads with the new Union Station to be built between Surrey Hills and Mont Albert.

The open rail trench design and new premium station will ease congestion, improve safety, and pave the way for more train services, more often.

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Union Road, Surrey Hills - Victoria’s Big Build