Parkers Road Parkdale

We’re removing the level crossing at Parkers Road in Parkdale by building a rail bridge over the road.

This preferred design will provide opportunities for around 2 MCGs worth of new community open space, bike paths, recreational facilities, car parking and local connections across the rail corridor. It also allows for the level crossings to be removed as soon as possible.

Removing this crossing will improve safety, reduce congestion, and allow more trains to run, more often.

The removal of this site will change how locals live, work and travel, and journeys on the Frankston Line will be faster and local roads safer.

A new station will be built at Parkdale as part of the level crossing removal, with modern facilities for the community.

Site investigations will start in the coming months and construction will be completed by 2025.

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Parkers Road, Parkdale - Victoria’s Big Build