Hallam Road Hallam

The dangerous and congested Hallam Road level crossing has been removed, and the brand-new Hallam Station is open.

The new Hallam Station offers improved accessibility with stations entrances via lifts and stairs on either side of Hallam Road.

The new station forecourt includes covered waiting areas, a Parkiteer bike cage, toilets in the western forecourt, and improved lighting and CCTV.

The Hallam Station car park has also been upgraded, including more accessible parking, new drop-off zones, and a taxi rank with 5 spaces.

For pedestrians and cyclists, there is a new walking and cycling path connecting Glencairn Avenue to the station’s eastern entrance.

Early works started in October 2020, the Hallam Road level crossing was removed in April 2022 and the project was completed in mid 2022.

Hallam Road, Hallam - Victoria’s Big Build